Welcome to the Michigan Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

About the Program

Since 1972, the Michigan Long Term Care Ombudsman Program has striven to improve the quality of care and quality of life experienced by residents who reside in licensed long term care facilities.

Licensed long term care facilities are nursing homes, homes for the aged, and adult foster care homes.

Ombudsmen advocate for the resident in the facilities, guided by the wishes of the resident.  All services are provided under strict confidentiality.   Ombudsmen cannot share information about the resident or the resident’s concerns without the resident’s permission.

The program also aims to improve the long term care system, speaking for passage of laws, regulations and policies benefiting over 100,000 Michigan long term care residents.

The Michigan Long Term Care Ombudsman Program is funded by federal and state government.  There is no cost to residents or families for ombudsman services.

Fact Sheets

When Should I Call an Ombudsman?

  • When you have unresolved questions or concerns about care in a facility

  • When you have questions about your rights in a long-term care facility

  • When you have questions or need technical expertise on long-term care issues

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