Fact Sheets

Medicaid Level of Care Determination: The Level of Care Determination (LOCD) is the process the Michigan Medicaid program uses to decide if a person needs the king of care provided in a nursing home or the services of two programs (MI Choice and PACE) that help people who need long term care but want to remain in the community.  Click here for the full fact sheet.

Resident Councils in Nursing HomesA resident council is an independent group of nursing home residents who meet on a regular basis to discuss concerns and suggestions and to plan activities that are important to them.  Click here for the full fact sheet.

Involuntary Discharge from a Nursing HomeAn involuntary discharge occurs when a resident is required to leave the nursing home and is not allowed to return.  This can occur when the nursing home issues a written notice or when staff pressure the resident to leave.  Click here for the full fact sheet.

How to File a Nursing Home ComplaintA complaint can be about any aspect of a resident's life in the nursing home including whether there are enough staff, how staff treat the resident, the quality or choice of food, residents' rights, or quality of care.  The State will only investigate complaints related to violations of the extensive state or federal laws that govern almost every aspect of nursing home life.  Your complaint can be about more than one issue.  Click here for the full fact sheet.