Family Council

What are Family Councils?

“A family group” is defined as a group of family members that meets regularly. It is a consumer group, composed of relatives and friends of the homes residents. Usually this group works together to solve common problems which involves many of the residents in the nursing home or other long term care settings.

What’s the benefit of starting a family Council?

  • Discuss and offer suggestions about facility policies and procedures affecting residents’ care, treatment, and quality of life;
  • Support each other;
  • Plan resident and family activities;
  • Participate in educational activities; or
  • For any other purpose.

How do I start a Family Council at my long term care facility? Contact your local ombudsman 1-866-485-9393 and they will assist you in planning your first meeting.

How can I become involved with other family councils across the state? The Michigan Long Term Care Ombusman program host a family council call quarterly. Call 1-517-827-8040 for the next scheduled call.

Where can I find more information?

The National Consumer Voice Family Council Center - find examples of bylaws, brochures, and other great information.